Uhuru Energy Background

UHURU was formed in 2012 by David Sonnenberg and Mark Kaplan to explore the immense opportunity provided by the scarcity, non-reliability, and often excessive cost of energy in Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa. The platform for this opportunity emanated from the research and development work as well as projects commissioned by David across Europe, Asia and Africa since the early 1990’s.

Shane Hervey joined shortly thereafter together with the introduction of a small strategic Black Empowered Shareholder Group. The founding executive team of David, Mark and Shane have been involved on a full-time basis over the last ten years building the UHURU business proposition, developing key strategic relationships, and engaging with markets and prospective clients. Over this period UHURU has operated a living laboratory on the Mpumalanga border in South Africa dedicated to identifying, researching and optimising biomass species and growing techniques. UHURU’s value proposition stems from the success of this laboratory in enhancing the energy yield from various indigenous biomass grown on arid or marginalised land.

UHURU has now reached the point of convergence between the construct and integration of service offerings together with the emergent maturity of client and industry imperatives and is incrementally capacitating internal and external infrastructure and resources to accelerate on the delivery of key projects in the UHURU project pipeline.