Market Opportunity


UHURU’s focus is on contributing to the emergence of the Southern and Sub-Saharan African Green Economy through the provision to end users of commercially viable renewable/green energy, either in locations where energy is not otherwise available or in substitution of existing fossil fuel consumption. In accommodating the complex challenges of food production constraints and the relative scarcity in many regions of arable land and water UHURU has developed 'Arid / Marginal Land' BioMass solutions essentially utilising plants and crops that require little or no water, flourish in non-arable environments, and high yielding in terms of energy output.


Aside from the business, commercial, and energy supply opportunities of the UHURU offering, each project individually and collectively offers significant impact in terms of rural economic development, major job creation and sizable land restitution. This is in addition to environmental sustainability and climate change mitigation through the well documented benefits associated with the use of renewable/green energy.


The UHURU Engagement Strategy has been developed based on providing an energy solution to large scale energy consumers in the form of a long-term independent energy supply contract.

The advantage of this engagement structure to the client is energy supply security and cost certainty through a long-term procurement contract. This obviates the requirement for client investment on balance sheet in fixed assets, providing concomitant benefits for working capital and critical financial metrics.

The UHURU offering is targeted at providing renewable energy at the same cost or lower than available fossil energy. The economic benefits to the client will be significantly enhanced imminently with the introduction of carbon taxes and decarbonization incentives.

The UHURU ‘build own and operate’ engagement strategy predicates that financing for the project development will be dependent on the quality and risk profiles of the client, the Energy Purchase and/or Service Level Agreement and the project development and execution plan.


UHURU has engaged on a significant pipeline of projects which are currently under development at varying stages of maturity.

Agronomy forms the basis of feedstock supply for all projects, with key elements being the growing, harvesting, logistics, and processing of BioMass.

The selection from a spectrum of off-the-shelf globally accepted mainstream technology platforms, all utilizing customized BioMass ingredients will determine the energy outcomes to meet client requirements.

UHURU solutions are designed, having regard to viability based minimum levels of economies of scale, as and replicable, facilitating where appropriate the phased implementation or expansion of a project.

Detailed extensive financial and business case modelling including multiple scenario economic, and viability testing provide the platform for project conceptualization and design.

Market Opportunity