Business Description

UHURU specialises in the development of medium to large-scale integrated energy solutions, replacing fossil energies with renewable alternatives, covering a full energy supply spectrum of solid, liquid and gas energy forms. These include:

  • Base Load and Peak renewable power
  • BioGas, BioSynGas and BioMethane
  • Fuels including Green Diesel and Sustainable Aviation Fuel
  • Green coal / BioCoal
  • Green Hydrogen / BioHydrogen

Increasingly important for prospective clients is the decarbonization of their business activities in support of their efforts to contribute to the alleviation of climate change and emission reduction and achieve sustainable energy platforms.

The solutions provided by UHURU are globally established as mainstream offerings in the rapidly developing energy sector in both developed and developing economies.

The primary role of UHURU as the project developer is the client engagement, project conceptualization and design, phased financing structure, supplier & service provider integration, project build and commissioning oversight, and strategic advisory and consulting services to the ongoing operations and maintenance of the project.

Services & Products

Components key to Uhuru Solutions

Biomass Feedstock

UHURU’s BioMass-to-Energy development processes encompass BioMass growing, processing and logistics, and the production of various forms of Renewable Energy in the form of BioFuels such as BioGas, BioMethane, BioSynGas, BioCrude, for Electricity and Green Diesel. Area specific factors such as climate, soil, water, land availability, food vs fuel conflict, developmental, environmental and economic imperatives are factored into BioMass selection. Whilst Energy Crops & Agri Waste are the primary focus of feedstocks for UHURU projects Municipal Solid Waste will be included as a feedstock source where viable and appropriate.


UHURU integrates a range of off the shelf technologies and processes that have been
successfully operated globally for many years. UHURU has established value-add
partnerships with internationally accredited and long-established technology suppliers
including Turbomach/Caterpillar, Wiefferink, Ormat and Elettra.


UHURU has developed key working relationships with several significant engineering groups with capability and relevant experience in the development of large-scale renewable energy projects to provide the technology and engineering consulting, advisory, execution and commissioning project requirements. These include Worley Parsons, Group Five, DRA Global and Lesedi Nuclear Services.